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If God is love and Christ is God and the scriptures tell us to be Christ-like, then the mark of the Christian is love, Agape Love.

We have a walk like Jesus, a heart like David, and a ministry like Paul.

We believe in staying God-Conscious with a daily spiritual maintenance plan.  You need to have one, if not, the devil has one for you.

Our spirituality is contingent on daily maintenance.

We are reinforcing the Love Walk of Jesus Christ into the Christian Community, powered by the Holy Spirit, implemented with the Spiritual Maintenance Plan.

We are teaching the Love Walk of Jesus Christ with simplicity so that it may be applied to everyday living in a practical and effective manner. While “Living the Love Walk” we draw others to Christ, seeing lives transformed into true representatives of Jesus Christ.

We are committed to walk in the new commandment of love. Our movement is open to any and all who wish to walk along the path of Jesus Christ. If you have fallen, we will lift you up. If you are afraid, we will hold you close. If you are alone, we will be your friends.

Please join us and Live the Love Walk…

Pastor Kevin B. Mitchell

Kevin B. Mitchell, Living the Love Walk


  1. Rosita J. Ayers

    We should study for understanding, because without understanding we cannot begin to grow into the character of Christ. Love is the key to our salvation without it we are lost, that is what the “law” is all about, LOVE If you can see a person in pain and it does not cause you to feel, mentally, pain and sorry, you need to check yourself because you are lacking in the Love that that Jesus came to teach us. HE died on the cross for that very reason, to set an example, to show us what it is all about,and how to live in an attitude of LOVE>

  2. God is love. if we are Christs then we should love. growing in Christ also means growing in love. its not enough to say love but its perfect to act love. God bless you pastor Henry

  3. i am very thankfull about your ministry may God bless you pastor keven

  4. Pastor Kevin,

    Here is the info for the Christian networking group. Go to http://www.christianbp.com
    The Norco/Eastvale is highlighted towards the top of the schedule. Their first meeting was Tuesday of this week. They will meet again next Tuesday.

    Macaroni Grill

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