Prayer of the Week


Dear Lord,

You know the temptations that I am facing today. I need your help in this battle. My flesh is weak, so I need your help and the power of your Holy Spirit to fill me with strength.

Your Word promises that I will not be tempted beyond what I can bear. I ask for your strength to stand up against temptation each and every time I encounter it.

Help me stay awake so that temptation won’t catch me by surprise. I want to keep on praying so that I won’t be dragged away by evil desires. Help me keep my spirit well fed with your Holy Word so that I always remember that greater are you, Almighty God, who is living in me than any power of darkness and sin that is in the world.

Your Word also tells me you will provide a way of escape from temptation. Please, Lord, give me the wisdom to walk away when I am tempted, and the clarity to see the way out that you will provide. Thank you, God, that you are a faithful deliverer and that I can count on your help in my time of need.

In the name of Jesus, I pray,


Mary Fairchild,

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